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    The advanced professional technology,Give you confidence

    Carry forward the spirit of innovation,Spread innovative ideas,Improve the innovation consciousness,Strengthen innovation ability!Advanced technology,Give you confidence

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    To provide reliable quality,Let you worry

    In order to“Good、Convenient、Specification、Sincere”As the service policy and practice guidelines,The service policy to service practice,Worry for you

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    Good follow up management and cost performance,Turning you on

    Factory direct sale,Primary source,No intermediate links,Parity sales to save money for you;Advanced design idea,Low consumption,Save energy source。

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    Provide fast in place of after-sales service,Give you rest assured

    The service policy to service practice,Create a customer satisfaction services,Let you rest assured

Jiangyin port, machinery manufacturing co., LTD

Jiangyin port, machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Have professional domestic trade and foreign trade sales team,With the background support network department with the sales support department、Technology research and development department and other departments,Can implement food and beverage services、Medicine, such as the design of a complete set of production equipment and production,Such as bone soup production、Honey production line、Milk production line、Corn juice production line、Dairy production line、Tea drink production line、The jelly production line、Enzyme production line、Fruit and vegetable juice production line、Health care products production line、Shampoo production line、Bath dew production line equipment, etc。
Company with“For small food、Drink、Medicine enterprise service”As the core values。Our company production of sandwich pot、Sterilization pot、The reaction kettle、Fermentation tank、Mixing tank、Digestion tank、Crystallization cans、Hot and cold tanks、Ingredients can、Emulsification tank、ZhiLengShi milk cans、Storage tank、Prepare pot、CIPCleaning system、A vacuum to take off the angry machine、Good user response filters and other products。
We produce all kinds of mechanical equipment widely used in environmental protection、Pharmaceutical、Food、Drink、Dairy products、Cosmetic、Biological engineering in areas such as fluid and semiliquid materiel filtering、Heating、Cooling、Mixing and storage。We have a group of professional and technical personnel,Fusion and well-known enterprise management mode...

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